Parenthood After Divorce: 5 Things You’ll Learn in Co Parenting Therapy

Divorce and separation are hard for everyone involved. But, when a couple who is divorcing or separating has children, they are the ones who struggle the most. Therefore, making sure that children’s needs are identified and addressed is crucial to the divorce and separation process. Co parenting therapy can help people who are going through this difficult season of their lives learn how to be the best parents they can be during this process. And, develop healthy environments, routines, and boundaries so that their children feel safe and supported after the divorce or separation is finalized.

Co parenting therapy can help to give parents useful information and techniques they need to ensure that they’re giving their children what they need; their parents! Find out what you’ll likely learn during these therapy sessions, if you choose to utilize them.

1. You’ll Learn that the Focus of Co Parenting Therapy is Your Child/Children

One thing that parents who divorce still always have in common is their child or children. During therapy sessions, you’ll learn that it always comes down to what is best for your child or children and not necessarily the exact desires of you and your partner as individuals. When both parents can work together to put their child or children first, they’ll get the most out of therapy and can better learn to work together for the needs of their child or children.

2. You’ll Learn the Importance of Moving Forward and Not Looking Back

For divorcing or separating couples, oftentimes, the past is brought up over and over. Resurfacing what has happened in the past promotes new arguments and fights. But, being able to let go and let the past live in the past provides co parents with a fresh slate for the future. While it’s normal to try to hurt a person who has hurt you, especially someone you trusted, co parents need to accept that hurting each other even more doesn’t do anything to help their co parenting relationship.

3. There’s No Easy Road to Co parenting – You’ll Have to Accept the Challenge!

Nature doesn’t provide instructions on how to raise children, let alone how to raise children for parents who are no longer together. Raising kids is hard, and co parents need to accept that raising children with a co parenting approach may be even more difficult. So, during therapy sessions, you’ll learn to accept that co parenting isn’t always going to be easy, scheduling may not always go to plan, and mistakes are going to occur. But, when co parents are better prepared for these challenges, they’re better prepared to react in the most healthy ways when these challenges occur.

4. You’ll Learn About Healthy Boundaries and How to Maintain Them

Before getting help with therapy, co parents often have trouble setting their own distinctive boundaries. With therapy, these boundaries can be set and established for both parents. For example, setting boundaries about privacy, as some topics of discussion should not be discussed between co parents (intimate relationships, bills and spending of the other parent, etc.). When these boundaries are well-known between both parties and followed, it makes the co parenting approach more peaceful and can even provide a feeling of freedom for both parents.

5. Co Parenting Therapy Can Help Both Parents Relax

Co parenting can definitely be stressful. It comes with triggers of stress, worry, fear, and anger. But, with therapy, parents can learn to work on these feelings in a helpful and supportive setting. Furthermore, they can work to resolve these feelings which can help them relax during this challenging transition period. For example, if there are any issues that come up during the co parenting process, rather than calling an attorney and going full-out with the law, parents can reach out to their therapist instead. And, work on resolving issues in a more controlled and constructive way.

Co Parenting Can be Made Easier With Co Parenting Therapy Sessions

Are you tired of how stressed out co parenting makes you? Do you wish that co parenting could be easier on you and your kids? If so, co parenting therapy from Southcoast Psychiatric Services can give you the tools you need to set better boundaries, learn how to cope with co parenting issues, and more! Learn more about our counseling services and contact us today to ask us any questions you may have about our co parenting therapy sessions.